Saving the Taxpayers Dollars


Delegate Shannon Valentine has a clear, bipartisan record of promoting economic development and job creation.  As a member of the Lynchburg Regional and Amherst County Chambers of Commerce:

Voted to balance the budget by cutting billions in spending and NOT raising taxes (HB 1600)

Led efforts to provide 13 different tax breaks for Virginia families, inlcuding tax cuts for military families    (HB 239)

Fought to cut property taxes for seniors on fixed incomes (HB 688)

Patroned tax incentives for small businesses and is endorsed by the voice of small business, the National Federation of Independent Businesses

Voted to eliminate the food tax and the estate tax; voted aginst gas tax increase (Floor Amendment to SB 6009)

Voted to eliminate the tax liability for 147,000 Virginians by changing the filing threshold (HB 3022)

Led efforts to establish performance incentives for companies that create jobs and make capital investments in clean energy (HB 2235)

Promoted trade and cut costs for Virginia businesses by creating a long-term solution for international commerce (HB 2240)

2009 Virginia Free Candidate’s Questionnaire

What People are saying:

The News and Advance said, “Scott Garrett ought to drop this line of attack. Saying Valentine has a ‘plan’ to raise taxes is just not true.”

Clayton Roberts, President of the pro-business group VA Free said, “The Virginia FREE candidate questionnaire, and Delegate Valentine’s positions on that questionnaire, apparently are being misrepresented by her opponent.  The questionnaire DOES NOT ASK candidates whether they would support tax increases for transportation. To assert otherwise is deliberately misleading. The questionnaire seeks to establish a starting point for continuing the dialogue with state leaders on issues that are important to business and job creation in Virginia.  It is unfortunate that Delegate Valentine’s opponent did not even bother to answer the questionnaire.

Charlie Pryor, business executive and energy consultant said, “I believe in sound, conservative principles, and I support Shannon Valentine because Shannon is good for business.”

VA FREE Questionnaire

Valentine Tax Cut Co-Sponsorships

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